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DHS granted an extension for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Hondurans, allowing them  to maintain legal status through January 5, 2012.  Hondurans were originally granted TPS status in 1999, following a devastating Hurricane in 1998, which left thousands dead and millions homeless.  At the time, the Honduran President Flores claimed it destroyed fifty years of progress to the country, because of massive damage to the infrastructure, including the transportation and communication networks.  This year, DHS reviewed the current conditions of the country and determined that Honduras is still not able to adequately handle the return of its nationals.

What does this mean for Hondurans who are currently in the United States?  All Hondurans who currently have the benefit of TPS in the United States will have this benefit expire on July 6, 2010 and thus they must re-register with DHS in order to extend their status.  Re-registration requires filing an I-821 and an I-765.  This includes complying with the biometrics service fee and EAD application fee.  Once this has been complied with, TPS status will be good through January 5, 2012.  However, failure to comply before July 6, 2010 will result is a withdrawal of TPS.  This could result in being subjected to removal from the United States, and thus must be addressed in a timely fashion.

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