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Adopting a child locally is not for everyone.  Some people struggle knowing that the baby’s birth family is nearby and might later want the child.  Others struggle to find a child they’d like to adopt within the timeframes they want.

These factors sometimes lead parents to consider international adoption.  While this is an amazing act of charity on the part of the adoptive parents, it also comes with its own set of unique challenges. Continue reading to discover what some of those are so you can make sure you’re ready for them.

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Adoption is a lifelong decision that, while rewarding, oftentimes begins with anxiety and stress. One decision you’ll need to make is what method you’ll be using for adoption. As this will affect the rest of the process, continue reading so you better understand some of your options.

Methods for adopting can be broken down into two broad categories: Agency Adoption and Independent Adoption. Let’s look at both in detail.

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